Flush Guard



Flush Guard protects your vacuum pump and ends your worry. With Flush Guard, your vacuum toilet pump runs only when you flush, never when it leaks. Great with guests, when underway, and eliminates the need to turn off the toilet when away.

  • Vacuum pump will not endlessly run or cycle on and off due to leaks
  • Easily re-settable by cycling power via existing switch or breaker
  • Electronic – No mechanical parts to wear out
  • Connects to existing wiring
  • Safely allows leaving pump on when away
  • 10-year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Works with 12 to 32V systems
  • Optional Stainless Steel Indicator-Switch provides an attractive status indicator/reset control
  • Replaces pressure switches:

385318032 (S-Series)

385310540 (VG II, VG2)


385311436 ((low-profile VG, VG3/VHT)


385311187 (CVT Marine)

and others


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